Estate Agents are nice people too?

Would you believe that estate agents are nice, caring, normal people too?!! This tale should warm your heart.

On 15th March 2017, Amy, who is heavily pregnant, had her car break down in the middle of the road in Erdington. That is bad enough, but she also had her 3 year-old son in the car with her.

Whilst most people honked and moaned that she was holding them up stressing poor Amy out even more, a fantastic guy called Dan stopped his own car to see if she was ok. He calmed Amy down, helped her with her son and then moved her car off the road.

And who does amazing Dan work for? Yes, you’ve guessed it – it’s us!

Everyone at Paul Carr Estate Agents are very proud of Dan and the way in which he assisted Amy, whilst everyone else ignored her and moaned at and about her.

Amy has taken the time to leave a lovely post on the Paul Carr Erdington Facebook page thanking Dan for his assistance. She said that she would probably have gone into labour without Dan’s help and that of another passing man. Check out the page to see Amy’s full post.

Dan, the whole Paul Carr Estate Agent family applaud you. You are a shining example of the kind of employee every business wants and we are very proud you work for us and set such an amazing example.

We would like to extend our best wishes to Amy and her family and hope the rest of your pregnancy is not as stressful!

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