Why having a managing agent on board to let your property could save you both time, money and hassle

Whether you are a seasoned landlord or new to the letting business, the most important and time-consuming part of renting out your property will begin when your tenant moves in. There will be financial and legal aspects with regards to the tenancy to be managed and with any property there will be the inevitable ongoing maintenance and repair issues that must be dealt with.

As a full-service Managing Agent, the team at Paul Carr Lettings provide landlords with a full range of services to help make the process of letting out a property as hassle free and easy as possible.

We Will Deal Directly with Your Tenant to Resolve any Maintenance Issues

For the rental properties that we manage, we provide the first point of contact for tenants which means that as a landlord you won’t have to be available 24/7 to respond to any issues that your tenant may have, we’ll do it for you.

So, when the heating won’t come on, or there’s a leaking tap, tenants know to contact us directly, either through our Online 24/7 Repair Reporting facility or by calling us. In many instances we can resolve issues by providing advice and guidance, or even through directing them to look at the help videos we have covering a wide range of subjects that tenants can resolve themselves such as how to restart a boiler. This avoids incurring the potential unnecessary expense of a contractor call-out for what is really a simple matter to rectify.

When a problem can’t be so easily rectified, or it’s something that really does need sorting out quickly, we will contact one of our trusted network of tradespeople and organise for them to undertake any necessary repair work. In many cases we won’t even have to bother before we resolve an issue, where we have an agreement in place authorising us to be able to instruct work to be carried out on your behalf up to a certain value.

Handling Difficult Situations and Conversations

As a Managing Agent we will also have the difficult conversations with your tenant that you might not want to have. For example, if your tenant is having problems paying their rent or isn’t paying on time, we will speak directly with them and agree a resolution to ensure your rent is paid as quickly as possible. 

We will inspect our property regularly allowing us to discuss any concerns we have about how they are looking after your property. Landlords who self-manage often neglect inspecting their property resulting in very difficult conversations when their tenant leaves.  

Where there are joint tenants, we can deal with tenancy issues that can arise due to a change in their personal circumstances such as a relationship breakdown.  Such events need dedicated and careful handling to minimise the potential impact on you and your rental property.

Keeping on top of Legislation

Currently there are over 170 separate pieces of legislation that landlords are required by law to comply with to ensure that they are letting their property both fairly and safely. And with new legislation being implemented all the time this can be daunting for even the most experienced landlord.

The Paul Car Lettings Team have the experience and knowledge to provide you with all the guidance that you need and when legislation changes, we’ll let you know how this will affect you and what needs to be done to stay compliant and keep your property investment and your interests safe. 

Get in touch with the Paul Carr Residential Lettings Team

Paul Carr Residential Lettings experts are here to help your experience as a landlord, run as smoothly as possible – every step of the way. Our range of services includes;

  • Carrying out a market appraisal for your property, advising on any work that needs to be carried out and providing a realistic and achievable rental figure.
  • Marketing your property to potential tenants.
  • Sourcing reliable tenants for the property and undertaking reference and credit checks.
  • Carrying out accompanied viewing with potential tenants
  • Providing you with up to date information and advice on the latest health and safety regulations.
  • Preparing the tenancy agreement with detailed written & photographic inventory.
  • Managing ongoing rental payments.
  • Providing the first point of contacts for your tenants and managing and arranging any necessary repairs from our trusted network of tradespeople.
  • Undertaking periodic inspections of your rental property and feeding back any relevant information to you.
  • Re-marketing your property when tenants decide to move on.

To find out more how we can help you to let your property, find the right tenant and fulfil your management obligations as a landlord give our team a call today on 0121 726 9417.

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